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Möbius Crit?

A Möbius Single Speed Criterium Frame is the fusion of a criterium frame and track frame.

Möbius Asymmetric Seat Stays are offset with the drive side lower.  Both stays connect to the seat tube and on to the top tube via a hand carved top tube lug.

This equates as less energy lost to frame flexing.   It is stiffer on the drive side so you get the power, while retaining a more comfortable ride in the saddle.

The Criterium/Track fusion means the frame has the tighter wheelbase of a track rear end, but the front end is criterium geometry with a greater bottom bracket drop for better balance. 

I basically wanted more power for a single speed that needs better handling for the mucked up city streets and traffic.

I usually like freewheel, but I have come around a bit to fixed gear.  The feeling of control as you are accelerating and decelerating is great! 

I believe these frames are beautiful (build and finish), but they aren't sculptural pieces alone.  They should be ridden hard!  If your frame isn't getting nicked up, you aren't using it!  

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One Man Shop.  

Built in Brooklyn.  

Custom Steel Frames Made to Order

All bicycle frames are tailor made to fit the rider's proportions and riding style.  

I'm a new builder with only a handful of frames under my belt, but with every frame I build, I'm shooting for my top level.  I ride and build single speeds mostly, so that is my focus.  My goal is to build very high performance frames that will be ridden in the city every day.  I consider single speeds perfect for the city, and love how they challenge your body to make up for more gears.

Everything is steel, bronze and silver. I hand miter the tubes and check my miters using Yamaguchi's traditional frame building techniques.  I hand shape the lugs and dropouts to get the function and aesthetic I want.  I love Campagnolo components, but I also use anything and everything that works well and fits the build.


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Möbius Criterium Frame

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